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Dear Travelers , as you might hear/read the server project will be abandoned just because the developer is saving the budget. On the other hand, the developer is wasting time, money, and no profit we're gained.
If you are willing to make us stay active in developing Minecraft servers, you can!
We need your voice to decide what the future hold for us now, vote on the News Bellow

Battle For Avant Heim

ALERT!! Contain Spoilers if you don't watch "The Beginning"

As The Traveler enter the portal to Avant Heim MMORPG (Archangel) some memories of the past we're recalled in his mind... What happened in the past?

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Crossplay Server

Play with your Friends from different Platform Now!
Avant Heim allows you to play Crossplay between Java & Bedrock Players which recommended for our Survival and SkyBlock Server, please take a note that Bedrock Players are not recommended to join MMORPG Realm.


Archangel - MMORPG Realm

Inspired from World of Warcraft as well as the quests, classes, BGMs, and places. Beside of MMORPG, we also allow players to build houses, mining, and others in one server. Just like ordinary Minecraft.


MMORPG Classes


Shoot this, and that!. Expert On Bows, also can use melee.


The light will protect us. Suitable on all situation


Rampage!! Highly Expert on Melee, strong strength.


Fireball!! The Unique Spell Caster on your side


Healing for Everyone. An angel on your side

MMORPG Racials


Strong, and gifted intellectual

Night Elfs

Purely gifted by the nature

Short Announcement

Moving to WoW WOTLK Game Server

We're moving on to World of Warcraft Private Server, its specialized on Indonesia Region for optimize latency

Sindragosa WoW is our lastest and newest world of warcraft private server, and it is our first step ahead into game server development.

More Information:

Visit Sindragosa WoW

Client & Version Support

On the next version, we are announcing that our SMMORPG server will no longer supporting bedrock client. The supported version are java only with 1.18.2 and up.

To play on Mobile Devices, players can use Pojav Launcher as soon as we release the server.

We Will Back Soon

We are announcing our comeback today, all services will be available soon.
For more information about insider, tester, development team, and others please stay tuned on our Discord

While you are waiting check out our official videos:

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You want us to reborn? you want us to make a minecraft server for you to play? it is time now to Vote the server you wish for us to develop and keep on in the future.
You can only select one from few options we list bellow.

Vote Has Been Ended

Vote Result:


Survival MMORPG

If choosen, development will be slow just because server host pricing for this type of minecraft server is too high


SMP Server


Survival Mix


Survival RPG

Moved Menu For Server News

If you are wondering wher each server news were moved, please check the Navigation Menu and Select OUR SERVERS menu.


Battle For Avant Heim (MMORPG Patch 1.0)

Our MMORPG Server Is Released To Public Now.

Join our Discord to get lastest news about it

Watch The Trailer

Grab your sword and fight the Horde Avant Heim

Story of A New Beginning

Our story begins here now or never. One day a traveler was reborn to a Minecraft World. Untill one day the Traveler finally made it to the End World and going to finish his journey, as the Traveler killed the Ender Dragon, a mysterious angel shows up. Turns out that is not an end of the Traveler's journey, what would it be? Watch our Server's Prologue Now !

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Grab your sword and fight the Horde Connecting, Handshaking, Success, Connected!

How to Connect?

Connecting to our server is easy !
Make sure you have the required Minecraft Client and the game version matching our server's version.

Mostly our server support only 1.18+ or some server staying on 1.19 version.

You just need to enter this IP address:


Exclusive for Bedrock, the port is bedrock default :)